Friday, October 22, 2010

Perfection! (Senior Photos)

Isn't she just lovely?! I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph Miss C this past weekend at Edgefield. The weather was wonderful, the lighting was gorgeous, the location was perfect, and as you can see Miss C is stunning! Can you believe that hair!?

To add to the wonderfulness of this session Miss C is lucky enough to have a very talented sis-in-law, who is also my wonderful friend and an amazing hair stylist and a wonderful makeup artist as well. She joined us for this session so Miss C basically had her own personal stylist...which was awesome! I asked her if she could join me for all of my sessions...Seriously, we might have to work something out :-) I also know from personal experience that she really is an amazing hair if you would like her info just let me know ;-)

Enjoy your preview Miss C; you are stunning! I hope you love them!



Shannon Sewell said...

ooo- i have yet to shoot there. such a beautiful location & a gorgeous girl... makes for a pretty amazing duo ;) ~S