Thursday, September 4, 2008


Well, hello everyone! My name is Kristi and this is my new blog :o) I am a portrait/wedding/I-am-up-for-almost-anything photographer located in Gresham, OR.

I am feeling like this photography business is finally "official"...and I can't explain how exited and passionate I am about my photography! Seriously, I think I'm addicted...I literally have to force myself to stop working on photos and make myself go to bed at night. It is WONDERFUL to be so passionate about something! I searched for a really long time to find my passion in life...Finally I found it! It was right in front of my face all along...I was just too busy searching elsewhere to realize it.

I hope you all enjoy my blog, and of course my photography :o)


Share said...

Hey Kristi, I just wanted to say what a beutiful job you did on the kids pictures. You have an eye for taking these wonderful pictures. The kids had a great time taking them. Ken loves his gift. For that I want to say, thank you.